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 The vision came to Marie D. Lewis some years ago while saying her prayers. She got a burden to pray for the young men (friends of her twin boys) who are always in and out of her house. The Lord  let me know that they are not bad but that they needed direction. Then they oldest son went into the drug rehabilitation program at Bridge House for a year. When he came out, He was not only off drugs but he had become a responsible adult. His whole mind set had changed. Upon questioning him about the program, He told her that they used the "TWELVE STEPS". Marie then realized that if a program like that could change a person whereby they become more responsible, time conscious, aquire good working habits and become a better husband and father, then surely God would help SOFEDs develope programs to help ex-offenders, other yound people, older adults and childern change for the better.


The catalyst to really move to get SOFED together came the sunday after Marie's son, Adam L. Smith, was shot and killed on the streets of New Orleans. While listening to Rev. Troy Johnson preach about the "Faith of a Mustard Seed" , the Lord said to not let Adam's death be in vain but to let it be the catalyst to get the community development coporation started. The " ADAM SMITH LEARNING CENTER" under the management of SOFED community development coporation would be a place where men, women, boys and girls and expecially those who are ex-offenders can come and learn biblical principes, academics, vocational skills and about finances.


While attending a church service in Mississippi for a celebration known as "Harvest Sunday", A gentlemen gave the steps to see growth and there was a connection to the stages that the seed goes through and the enviroment and developement of programs for SOFED. Our clients are our garden and instructions and trainning and the seeds that we plant in our garden. We must tend to our garden just as the farmer or gardener tends to theirs. We must give them an environment of care, love, support and nourishment for their minds, body, and soul. We must take them back in fancy and nurture them to maturity.


We are only vessles willing to work in this help ministry who are wholly depentent upon God for direction and subsistence.

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Coming soon SOFED cafe/catering Feeding people to feed the people.  Please call us at: 504 496-2905 Chef Joe


Seeds of Faith Equals Deliverance

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Seeds of Faith Equals Deliverance.org and it's partners are doing a food box giveway on Fridays for the lower 9th ward community. your help would be appreciate contact us.

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